This years edition was a new success! Looking forward to Dynapeutics 3.0!

Thanks to everyone that made it possible!


DYNAPEUTICS international summer school aims to give a theoretical and practical introduction to computational methods for biological molecules, relevant for the understanding of biological processes at the molecular level, and specially useful for the design and optimization of molecular drugs. The school will be taught at the postgraduate level and is specially addressed to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with a solid background in biophysics.

The course will consist of several seminars and computer practicals that will cover the main concepts introduced in the seminars. The school is part of a wider initiative “Passion For Knowledge” that will take to San Sebastian leading scientist around the world to share their research experience. The participants, therefore, will also benefit from an outstanding atmosphere and social activities around the school that will remark the links between science and society, in its more general sense.

The subjects covered in the school will be:

  • force fields
  • simulation methods overview
  • Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Methods
  • Normal Mode Analysis
  • accelerated dynamics
  • Free energy Calculations
  • continuum electrostatics
  • homology modeling
  • docking
  • drug design    
  • Quantum Chemistry and QM/MM methods