This years edition was a new success! Looking forward to Dynapeutics 3.0!

Thanks to everyone that made it possible!
The poster session will be held at the "Sala Polivalente" in the 3rd floor of the Psychology Faculty in the Campus.
To reach the room, it is actually easier to enter the building from its back facade (see map). As soon as you enter the building, make a turn to the left and use the steps up to the 3rd floor.
There will be indications on the walls too.
The recommended size of posters is A0 format (120x85cm).
  1. Belloso, Kepa: Biophysics as a tool for a precise diagnosis and nanotheranostics in cardiovascular disease
  2. Cabrera-Trujillo, Jorge Juan: Understanding the reactivity of frustrated Lewis pairs
  3. Carretero, Alba: Mechanistic base-catalyzed isomerization of dienyl alkyl ethers and dienols: DFT studies
  4. Chi, L. América: Insights on anion selectivity across CLC antiporters by molecular simulation
  5. Gigli, Lucia: Integration of DEER data in Maximum Occurrence analysis
  6. Gossen, Jonas: Novel highly potent ligand for the adenosine receptor type 2A
  7. Lanuza, José: Aluminium Ion Promoted DPPH· Scavenging Reaction of the Hydroquinone
  8. Nath, Soumav: Effects of force fields and salt concentration on the conformational landscape of the Amyloid beta 1-42 (Aβ 1-42) monomer
  9. Olave, Beñat: Understanding functional DNA in non-conventional solvents using in vitro and in silico Studies
  10. Oliden, Ainhoa: A breakthrough to tune the excited state dynamics of symmetrical bis-BODIPY architectures
  11. Si Chaib, Zeineb: Coarse grained molecular dynamics simulations of mouse TSPO structures
  12. Sitarik, Ian: Modeling the effects of altered translation kinetics on small molecule binding to nascent proteins
  13. Sotorrios, Lia: Mechanistic investigation of an oxime ether electrocyclization
  14. Sousa, Joao P. M.: Biocatalytic desulphurization of crude oil compounds: The QM/MM study of DszB catalytic mechanism
  15. Urriolabeitia, Asier: Mimosine parametrization and molecular dynamics study of its activity