The DYNAPEUTICS registration fee does not include accommodation. However, there are a number of vacancies blocked at Villa Alaidi student residence and at Koisi Hostel from September 29 th to October 5 th. You will be able to reserve this accommodation on the registration platform. Please note that vacancies at Villa Alaidi are in shared rooms of two, three beds (here you buy beds, not rooms). Accommodation at Koisi Hostel is in two rooms of 8 bunk beds each, ensuite bathroom.

Prizes below are orientative.

Invited Speakers do not need to book accommodation. They will be provided with it.



Accepted participants can make their own bookings separately by contacting the agency in the registration process. We strongly recommend to book accommodation as early as possible. It might be difficult to find reasonable deals in Donostia those dates.

Donostia offers a great variety of different kind of accommodation, ranging from 5-star hotels to hostels and flats. In order to facilitate that you find the option that fits better for you, we suggest that you visit the link of the Tourism Office, below. You should book directly your choice by your own at the selected place.